Over our numerous years, cases and circumstances in representing clients in all types and emotional levels of court cases, we have come to recognize and appreciate that clients must feel comfortable with their attorney and have complete confidence in their representation. To that end, it is vital that the client and attorney have liberal communication concerning the ongoing status of the case and for the attorney to keep the client abreast of ongoing legal and factual issues concerning the case.

At the outset, we will attempt to identify the legal, factual and procedural issues involved in your case. We will discuss the different approaches that can be taken to handle your case most efficiently and effectively. We will describe to you how your case will most likely be handled procedurally. And we will attempt to provide you with some broad expectation of how long it may take for your case to ultimately be resolved.

We strive at being available for our clients to contact in order to ask questions and remain current on the status of their case(s). Although difficult (and sometimes impossible), as your case progresses, we will attempt to provide you with ongoing realistic expectations of how your case is proceeding and the potential outcome of your case.

Attorneys are trained and skilled at applying legal issues to factual circumstances. However, we depend on our clients as well as independent witnesses and sources to provide all of the essential factual issues. We also actively encourage our clients to update us on the status of their case and share with us their ideas concerning their case. Furthermore, circumstances can change during the course of litigation; and, therefore, a client’s case resolution needs can change. We believe very strongly in our client’s ability to have and provide input into how their cases are handled. We encourage suggestions and contact throughout the process.