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Georgia attorney pursues justice for people struck while riding their motorbike

Motorcycle riders are much more exposed to harm than someone inside a car or other enclosed vehicle. As such, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in severe injuries or fatalities. If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in a motorcycle collision, it is critical to retain a qualified Georgia personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The Brownell Law Office in Gainesville has collected substantial compensation for victims of motorcycle crashes for more than three decades and can protect your rights regardless of what caused the accident.

Common reasons why bikers get injured in collisions

People often ride motorcycles because of the thrill and the feeling of freedom they get on the open road. But it is easy for a bike to be thrown off course or knocked over by contact with another vehicle or a road hazard. Some of the most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents are these:

  • Careless drivers — Many people behind the wheel of a car or truck are not paying full attention to the road. If they are checking on their cell phone or dashboard screen, they might not notice a smaller motorcycle out of the corner of their eye.
  • Dangerous road surfaces — Potholes and other pavement flaws could knock a motorcycle off balance, potentially causing a serious injury to the rider. In some cases, collisions and other crashes occur because the biker has to evade debris in the road.

Unfortunately, some people still cling to incorrect stereotypes about motorcycle riders. This bias can be present among jurors and insurance companies. To maximize the chances of a just legal outcome, you need a proven personal injury lawyer who can make a persuasive case as to where the fault lies.

Injuries that frequently result from motorcycle crashes

Though Georgia requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets, crash victims still can suffer concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Symptoms of TBI can be difficult to diagnose and the injury might last for several years. You should never agree to a settlement without receiving a thorough medical examination and speaking with qualified attorney about your legal rights. Our firm works with doctors and other experts to document the effects of motorcycle accident injures, including broken bones, scars, road rash and spinal cord damage, the latter of which could result in partial or total paralysis.

What to do after a motorcycle accident

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you should get yourself to a safe place if at all possible and then call the police. Make sure that you see a doctor as soon as you can after the accident, even if you do not require a trip to the emergency room. Take photos and record other potentially relevant information at the scene if you are able to do so. Don’t get into a discussion with the driver, their lawyer or their insurance company about settling the case. Our firm will investigate the facts and evaluate what level of payment you should receive for your medical expenses, lost wages, damage to your bike and pain and suffering you endured. From there, we’ll fight to maximize your compensation through a trial or settlement.

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