Gainesville Bus Accident Attorney

Georgia firm pursues compensation for people hurt in transportation accidents

Bus drivers are responsible for transporting their passengers safely. When a bus accident occurs, dozens of people could be hurt inside and outside the vehicle. If you have been injured in a bus crash, The Brownell Law Office in Gainesville will pursue the compensation you deserve. Attorney William M. (Bill) Brownell is an accomplished Georgia attorney who is dedicated to helping personal injury victims achieve justice through the legal system.

Lawyer handles claims involving private, public and school bus crashes

Mr. Brownell files personal injury lawsuits on behalf of Georgians hurt in accidents involving all types of buses, including:

  • Vehicles owned by commercial carriers, such as Greyhound
  • School buses
  • Small buses and other vehicles used by medical providers and retirement communities
  • Buses owned and operated by government bodies for public transportation

With decades of experience, Mr. Brownell represents victims of auto accidents throughout Hall, Lumpkin, Dawson, White, Habersham, Banks, Jackson, Gwinnett, Barrow and Forsyth counties. Our firm is ready to help you pursue compensation for your medical costs, lost income and other damages.

Factors that commonly lead to bus accidents

A special license is required to operate a bus legally in Georgia, but despite the additional training that drivers complete, accidents still occur, for reasons such as:

  • Driver negligence — Speeding to stay on schedule, failing to obey a traffic signal and other types of unsafe driving puts passengers and others on the road in danger.
  • Distractions — Bus drivers who are looking at their cell phone or paying too much attention to what is going on behind them might not recognize a hazard that appears suddenly.
  • Adverse weather conditions — Slick roads caused by bad weather require vehicle operators to make adjustments, especially when they’re behind the wheel of a bus that can be difficult to maneuver quickly.

No matter what led to your bus accident, our firm will review all of the pertinent information, which might include physical evidence, maintenance records, witness accounts and camera footage, to determine who is liable for your injury. If warranted, we will consult with an accident reconstruction expert to bolster your case.

Injuries suffered by people hurt in bus collisions

Whether you’re a passenger, a pedestrian or someone inside another vehicle, a bus collision is capable of causing severe injuries. Frequently, bus riders suffer traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage either from the initial impact of a crash or from being jostled inside the cabin. Mr. Brownell assists clients with all types of medical conditions stemming from bus accidents, including broken bones, muscle damage, ligament tears and internal injuries. He also assists clients with wrongful death claims after a loved one dies in a fatal bus collision.

Liability for damages stemming from bus crashes

Litigating a bus accident claim is more complicated than a case where only personal vehicles are involved. In nearly every case, the bus driver is not the owner of the vehicle, so there might be multiple defendants with a legal duty of care and different forms of negligence. For example, in a case where the vehicle operator was distracted and hit the brakes too late to avoid a collision, the driver, bus company owner and brake manufacturer could all be legally liable. Many buses are operated by public agencies, which can be more difficult to sue due to the doctrine of sovereign immunity. You can rely on us for skillful advocacy whether your case is settled with an insurance company or tried in court. Don’t hesitate to take the first step. You can recover damages even if you were partly at fault for your bus accident injury, as long as your share of the liability is less than 50 percent.

Contact a proven Georgia bus accident lawyer to set up a consultation

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